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Home > Rupes LHR 21ES MarkII Random Orbital Polisher New!

Rupes LHR 21ES MarkII Random Orbital Polisher <b><font color=New!" id="mainimg">

Rupes LHR 21ES MarkII Random Orbital Polisher New!
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***Not a regularly stocked item. Special order only.***

Rupes Big Foot LHR 21ES Mark II Random Orbital Polisher

The Rupes Big Foot LHR 21ES Mark II is an electronic random orbital polisher with anti-spinning system. Suitable for all polishing operations, including the removal of scratches and refinishing operations. It performs the same operations as traditional polishers, but it is easier to handle and delivers superior finishes.

With improvements made to both the body, chassis, and motor, the Rupes LHR15 Mark II provides 30% more efficiency than the original machines, making correcting your paint smoother than ever before.


- FASTER MACHINING OPERATIONS UP TO 40% TIME SAVING The new Big Foot polisher is an amazing tool that enables you to obtain excellent results in no time. LESS steps, LESS time, LESS compound consumption and GREATER profits

By definition, holograms are the marks produced by traditional polishers. The new random orbital polishers do not produce holograms and enable you to achieve excellent results even in one step only.

The goal of operators has always been achieving two results: gloss and color depth. In designing its polishers, RUPES has taken these requirements into account to allow operators to achieve unique and extraordinary results.

Superficial temperature must be kept within specific safety limits. The random orbital movement and technical features of new RUPES polishers maintain the superficial temperature within acceptable limits end eliminate the risk of “burning” the clear coat.

Thanks to their design and technology, the new random orbital polishers by RUPES are more energy efficient as compared to traditional polishers.

Polishing has always been considered an operation that requires experience and skill. Inexperience may in fact result in surfaces being damaged and in the exposure of edges and sharp corners. RUPES has eliminated these risks with its new random orbital polisher that enables even less experienced operators to achieve professional results.

RUPES polishers stand out because of their accuracy and easiness of use, which enable to obtain high quality results with less fatigue.

The new RUPES random orbital polishers enable to use the whole surface of the buffer. When using traditional rotary polishers , it is necessary to maintain the buffer inclined as compared to the work surface due to the high temperatures that develop on the machined panel, which reduces the useful surface of the buffer to 40%.

- The random orbital movement reduces the overall polishing time
- The orbit up to 21 mm enables to quickly obtain gloss and colour depth
- The electronic feedback control maintains speed constant in all applications
- Soft Start guarantees an acceleration ramp to prevent accidental dispersion of compound unwanted
- The anti-spinning feature prevents the high speed rotations avoiding scratches
- New ergonomic front handle
- The 120 volt, 60Hz, 500 watt RUPES motor reduces power consumption
- Polyurethane backup pad designed by RUPES
- The tool can be easily used even by unskilled operators

Rupes BigFoot LHR 16ES Mark II Random Orbital Polisher
- 6" backing plate
- 21mm-diameter orbit
- 2500-4,700 OPM
- The 21 mm orbit is suitable for all polishing operations on all types of surfaces: painted surfaces or recently painted surfaces and finishing applications
- Denibbing
- Holograms removing

Note: Discounts do not apply to this item.

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