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Home > Interior Car Care > Rubber & Vinyl Care > PRO WAX Frank's Special Cleaner 1 gal
Home > Interior Car Care > Upholstery and Carpet Care > PRO WAX Frank's Special Cleaner 1 gal
Home > Exterior Car Care > Undercarriage Care > PRO WAX Frank's Special Cleaner 1 gal

PRO WAX Frank's Special Cleaner 1 gal

PRO WAX Frank's Special Cleaner 1 gal
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We are sorry but the entire PRO WAX Professional product line can NOT be shipped outside of Hawaii. Thank you very much for your understanding.

PRO WAX Frank's Special Cleaner C-84 is a non-caustic multi-purpose cleaner

* Great for Degreasing, Spot Cleaning, Hard Surface Cleaning and High Pressure Cleaning
* Cus Through Grease, Oil, Road Film, Hawaiian Red Dirt, RV Black Streaks, Bug Residue, Crayon Marks and More
* Power 20:1 Concentrate
* VOC Compliant

* Shake well before using.
* Do not apply to a hot surface or let dry on surface.
* May be diluted up to 20:1 with water.
* Apply using a pistol sprayer or a tank sprayer.
* Spray on surface and let sit for 1-2 minutes.
* Agitate with brush/sponge and rinse clean with high pressure water.
* Wipe dry with clean towel or blow dry with air hose or blower.

Concentrated (20:1), non-caustic, heavy duty, multipurpose cleaner that cuts through grease, oil, road film, Hawaiian red dirt, volcanic ash, RV black streaks, bug residue, crayon marks and more. Quickly and safely degreases engines, wheels, tires, door jambs and fuel doors. Spot cleans carpets mats, fabric, upholstery, vinyl and convertible tops. Great for degreasing, spot cleaning, hard surface cleaning and high pressure cleaning.

One gallon container.

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