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Home > Shop by Brand > MICROPAK Micro Fiber Products > PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel 16" x 16"
Home > Exterior Car Care > Car Window Cleaning > PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel 16" x 16"
Home > SALE! PakShak Micro Fiber Sale!SALE! > PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel 16" x 16"


PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel 16" x 16"
Our price$7.95
On Sale!$5.95
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The PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel...is Streak-Free, Spot Free, and Lint Free!

You can Wet It, Wring It, and Wipe any Surface...Absolutely, Positively Never Streaks Glass, Mirrors or Windows. Never Use Window Cleaner Again.

Use only Water...Clean Green

Washing Instructions:
* Machine wash with detergent
* Air dry only
* No fabric softener

Important Note:
If you do have any streaks when you first use of your PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel, don't panic, it is only a residue from the manufacturing of the PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel. Just run the towel through a wash cycle or wring towel several times with warm water before using agin.

Use only water when cleaning. Wet towel, wring it out hard and wipe. It's that simple. No further need for glass cleaners, chemicals or paper towels. Do not dry your glass or mirrors. They will dry streak free on their own. Wipe and watch the streaks disapper with your PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel.

One PakShak "Das Auto" Glass Towel.

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