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Home > Shop by Brand > Klasse Car Wax > Klasse All-In-One Polish 16.9 oz
Home > Exterior Car Care > Metal Polish > Klasse All-In-One Polish 16.9 oz
Home > Exterior Car Care > Car Polishing > Klasse All-In-One Polish 16.9 oz

Klasse All-In-One Polish 16.9 oz
Klasse All-In-One Polish 16.9 oz Klasse All-In-One Polish 16.9 oz

Klasse All-In-One Polish 16.9 oz
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Klasse All-In-One polishes away oxidation and leaves a deep acrylic shine that can last for 6 months or more. All-In-One is not a wax, silicone or polymer but an acrylic formula. It really is different. All-In-One bonds to the surface like a regular car wax but doesn’t penetrate or change the paint in any way. It matches the depth and clarity of a high quality carnauba wax but lasts much longer. Two applications a year (maybe just one) will keep your car looking great.

Specifically, Klasse All-In-One:
1. Produces a great shine with excellent depth and clarity.
2. Is economical, requiring about one ounce to shine and protect a car.
3. Is very easy to use. Simply wipe on and wipe off. No drying time is needed.
4. Doesn’t haze or streak if there are water droplets on he surface.
5. Contains no abrasives or silicones.
6. Does not stain plastic, vinyl or rubber trim.
7. Maintains its shine wash after wash.
8. Lasts longer than wax.
9. Can be used on any non-porous surface.
10. Approved for marine and aviation use.

Qty: Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish 16 ozBlackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish 16 oz - Blackfire-GEP-16oz
This finishing polish has a built-in glaze for the ultimate "wet-look"!

BLACKFIRE Gloss Enhancing Polish is a non-abrasive, polish & glaze combination. Use Gloss Enhancing Polish to remove old wax, clean the top paint surface, visually reduce swirls and deepen the paint’s gloss. It “wets” the surface to create the illusion of the paint being under water. Gloss Enhancing polish helps hide minor swirls and scratches without removing any paint or clear coat. It "rounds-over" the leading edge of minor swirls which robs sunlight of a sharp edge to cause a reflection. While this visually reduces swirls, it does not remove them.

Gloss Enhancing Polish beautifies all colors of paint with or without a clear coat finish. This polish is designed for single stage or conventional, base coat, clear coat finishes. It is not designed for nano, ceramic-particle, clear coats or scratch resistant clear coats. Ceramic and scratch-resistant clear coats should be polished with BLACKFIRE Scratch Resistant Clear Finishing Polish and Scratch Resistant Clear Compound.

Product Update, April 2006: BLACKFIRE Gloss Enhancing Polish was changed mid-March, 2006 to be 100% VOC FREE! This makes the polish safer for your car's paint, safer for your skin and safer for the environment. Gloss Enhancing Polish will not weaken, dry or dull the paint with repeated use. This is cutting-edge polishing technology!

Polish Comparison:

Gloss Enhancing Polish has half the cutting power of Menzerna Final Polish II. It is a combination finishing polish and glaze but is not designed to remove swirls, spots or paint defects. What this polish does do, in one step, is create the same liquid wetness that would normally require using a separate polish and glaze. A "glaze" is not required with this polish. It is built into the formula.

Who should use this polish?

Gloss Enhancing Polish is designed for newer vehicles or vehicles with a "like-new" finish. It is designed for enthusiasts desiring the deepest, wettest gloss. When used under BLACKFIRE Wet Diamond, All Finish Paint Protection, it's pure magic! The combination of Gloss Enhancing Polish and Wet Diamond creates a liquid-like, wetness that looks like you could reach into the finish. This combination is especially stunning on black, red and dark colors but still shimmers on white, grey and silver finishes.

If you have a show car, concours car, hot rod or just want a show-car shine on your daily driver, use Gloss enhancing Polish and follow with a top coat of Wet Diamond.
Our price: $23.99

Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze 33.0 oz
Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze 33.0 oz


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