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Home > Interior Car Care > Rubber & Vinyl Care > Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.T. Shine Dressall 16 oz

Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.T.  Shine Dressall 16 oz

Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.T. Shine Dressall 16 oz
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In a Perfect world dressings could shine, help block against UV rays, leave behind a pleasant smell, be 100% dry to the touch and even be enriched with a surface sealant to protect and repel dust and dirt.

The world may not be perfect, but thanks to Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.T. Shine Dressall, your dressing can be . The only 100% super shine Dry to the Touch dressing that works as well on Vinyl, Rubber, Tires as it does on Hard Plastics (plastic bumpers and mirrors)......all in one

-a multi-surface shield for your vehicle s interior.
-dual action premium dressing leaves surfaces 100% dry to the touch and shining better then new, while protecting the surface against dirt and dust.
-maintains a 100% dry never greasy or oily supple, fresh texture of vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber and tires.
-water based emulsion repels dirt and dust while blocking out harmful UV rays.
-works great on all finished leather, vinyl, rubber, door moldings and tires
-can be applied as often as desired without fear of clouding or discoloration.
-treated surfaces resist drying, fading and cracking maintain your interior and exterior surfaces while enhancing shine and image.

V.R.T. Water based conditioners penetrates past the surface, to restore and maintain shine while Chemical Guys unique formula leaves behind an invisible shield that repels water dirt and dust.

-great when used for all exterior rubber, and door seals -surfaces treated with Extreme V.R.T. shine longer and require less cleaning -extra thick, pure emulsion will not separate or sling and is easy to apply with towel or sponge. -industry leading sealants aid in protecting seats, steering wheels, door panels, and dashboard against the elements..

Just as ultraviolet rays are detrimental to our skin and cause premature aging, vinyl surfaces inside your vehicle suffer the same fate. Because windows are hardy ever flat they reflect and condense light into stronger beams like magnifying glasses that focus stronger rays of light into given area of the vehicle depending on where the sun is shining. Ultraviolet rays are highly damaging to all surfaces and rapidly lead to premature aging and deterioration of various surfaces inside and outside of your vehicle. The windows actually magnify sunlight, accelerating discoloration, fading and cracking on the steering wheel, dash and seats. The Chemical Guys Extreme V.R.T. Shine Dressall restores and conditions dull surfaces, bringing them to life, and protecting them.

Extreme V.R.T.:

-100% Dry to the touch, 100% Non Greasy
-uniquely formulated to last weeks not days
-will not sling up or leave blocky residue on paint.
-water based emulsion contains no oils or greasy substitutes
-surface sealant that will not attract dust and Dirt
-naturally scented to leave behind a pleasant light scent of a new surface
-guards against UV damage
-replenishes vital nutrients with every application
-cleans normal surface dirt quickly and easily
-leaves surfaces dry, healthy, shiny and conditioned
-great when used for all exterior rubber, and door seals
-protects against discoloration and cracking
-keeps your car looking shining and smelling like new

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